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Kill City, we scratch each other’s back.

Because we believe in each other’s products.


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Some very kind words from Blackburn and Sweetzer


Yasmin Than: The Fog Series

The work walks the fine line between eeriness and the mundane. The shots happen to be urban, metropolitan to be precise, but they seem rural, abandoned even vacant. The images convey visual creepiness that at times seems purely psychological, as if taken out of a nightmare or a Hollywood movie. Unintentionally they titillate towards a vacuum, as if time had stopped, a place where one doesn’t arrive or leave from, were one just is. By being there one can sense calm grow within, darkness giving way to beauty, one that grows out of nuances and subtlety, one which lets one wonder off, away from meaning and into the night.

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Yes, we are open

Genesee has opened its doors.

Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday through Tuesday by appointment.

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Living Room

Dinning room 1

Dinning Room

Girls Room

Girl’s Room


Bed Room

Bed Room

The moment we have all been waiting for


The day before the beginning is also an end.

A house that is not a home

The day before the the end is also a beginning, a premature one.

Notes on Genesee

Genesee is a place where art, design and fashion briefly converge in space and time. Located in a pistachio-colored 1920s neoclassical house, located in West Hollywood’s Spaulding Square, the setting is a contemporary investigation of the classical salon. Neither showroom, nor store, Genesee is a collective of artists, designers, architects, writers, and thinkers who seek to understand what it means to produce in these times.

The three Artigas siblings are equally involved: Alejandro the eldest is the architect who remodeled and landscaped the space. He will show his furniture line and direct the art and design agenda. Teresita, the middle one, will be in control not only of the day to day but of homeware and accessories. While Gabriela, the youngest will showcase her jewelry line while coordinating all things fashion.