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ARTLESS sale is over !

Will be having a 72 hour sale on  Gilt starting Wednesday July 13th at 9 PM PT
This is the first all ARTLESS sale and it includes 80% of ARTLESS Furniture.
With most pieces at 60% off.

Gentry in The Los Angeles Times

Inspired by Norman Mailer’s 1960 article on JFK for Esquire magazine, “Superman Comes to the Supermarket,” local fashion line Gentry’s spring collection “embodies an Americana fantasy,” says designer Annie Imamura. The Kennedy tie set, top, handcrafted here in Los Angeles, pulls a posh look together fast. The wooden boxed set contains a print cotton necktie and pocket square, plus a silver-coated bronze collar clip, tie bar and tie pin. Last but not least, it includes a tie guide titled “The Handbook of Class and Distinction for the Modern Day Gentleman.” ($245 at House on Genesee: call 323-845-9821).


The Futuristic is Here


by Gabriela Artigas

The Futuristic is to date, Gabriela Artigas’ most ambitious collection. It is the most progressive, and in many ways it’s most forward looking. But just like the name hints, crystals and leather are far from new materials for mankind. In jewelry, they are more than classic or old fashioned, they are prehistoric.

Crystals supported by leather is nothing new to human beings, so our update focuses on geometric leather patterns, and asymmetric shapes with Swarovski crystals.

Striking such an impact, one would even speculate they are straight from the future.

Photo + art campaign by Bang Buro




Wood + Plexiglas + metal

Dimensions variable

BR Republic in The Los Angeles Times Magazine

the Hellenist

Beyoncé gifted Jay-Z with this black sapphire

and rhodium Spartan ring designed by Maxim

of electronica band the Prodigy for British

jewelry line BR Republic. Enough said.

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This Month in Elle

Mondette- Fashion Stories in Beige

Neutrals never really go out of style, but designers in Paris, Milan, and New York all fell for camels and its siblings beige and brown for fall. These subtle shades are far from drab, but subliminally sensual and utterly feminine, giving these clothes—inspired by the careless elegance of the ’70s—a contemporary relevance and understated classicism… (The whole story after the jump.)

For the rest of the story visit Mondette

Mondette on US


(From left: Gabriela, Teresita, and Alejandro)

Occupation: Showroom owners, jewelry, fashion and furniture designers, artists, terrarium creators.

Address: houseongenesee.com

Why we like them: It’s rare to find such a wide array of talents in one place. The Artigas siblings—Teresita, Gabriela, and Alejandro—not only assemble a selection of some of LA’s finest emerging designers in their showroom, they are also exceptionally talented themselves. Be it Gabriela’s bold necklaces, Alejandro’s sleek furniture or Teresita’s meditative terrariums, the Artigas family’s good taste is sure to convince in every design department… (A few questions with the siblings, after the jump.)

Where are you from?

Mexico City.

How long have you lived here?

Teresita: About five and a half years.

Gabriela: Around seven years, but I go to Mexico pretty often. I still have a house there and a lot of my close friends live there as well.

Where do you live in LA?

Teresita: West Hollywood. My house is right in the middle (Beverly, La Cienega and 3rd Street) but very secluded, full of trees and plants, so I enjoy every second I’m there.

Gabriela: In West Hollywood.

Alejandro: I live in Silver Lake.

What do you like best about the neighborhood you live in?

Teresita: I love that I can walk or ride my bike everywhere. We have great restaurants, bars and nice little streets to stroll and take my Italian greyhounds for a walk. I love my home and my little deck/terrace when the sun is coming down. I feel LA by itself has great resources (culture, music, art, food, beach, etc) and California has amazing natural resources very close by.

Gabriela: I like the short distances I have to walk or ride to enjoy the places I love.

Alejandro: I love to run around the Silver Lake reservoir. And I have great coffee shops and cafes. I go Downtown often and to West Hollywood daily so I’m right in the middle of my two poles of work.

Favorite thing to do in Los Angeles:

Teresita: I love having people over to Genesee or my house. I love the space so much that I hardly leave.

Gabriela: It varies from time to time, but I just moved into a new studio/house and my favorite thing is fixing it. I just love the idea that your house is your shelter, love shack, your private room, the most intimate it gets as a space, so I’m making it my own.

Alejandro: I like the art and culinary scene. I go to galleries and art museums all the time. That’s mostly what I do. And food wise, you can’t ask for more. We have it all. There are great restaurants all around.

What do you like most about your job?

Teresita: I enjoy that I can work with my hands and I’m pretty good doing meticulous things. Working with my sister on the jewelry line is a part that I can’t be thankful enough for; it can get hard but I love it! Genesee has brought me so many great relations, beginning with my family. It’s the thing I love the most—meeting new people and seeing them react to the things we do or the things we love. As far as Genesee and what I do (especially baking and plants), I just do it. It’s a pleasure to do something for you, and from you. It’s very relaxing and it’s even better when people appreciate what you do. It just makes me happy.

Gabriela: For me, I don’t consider it a job. It’s more of a challenge to make a living with what I love to do. But what I love most in what I do is that it comes out naturally.  There’s no inspiration. There’s no target. It just pops out from inside me. And I work with people that I admire in some way.

Alejandro: I don’t call it a job, I call it work. I only do work. I work in aesthetics as an architect, a designer or an artist. There really is no distinction between them to me. And I have been up to this since I graduated from high school, every single day, all the time.

Gabriela Artigas in Lucky

“I’m feeling sculptural gold jewelry—these are edgy but still refined.”
-Ali Larter