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Home Sweet Home, The house on Genesee in The L.A. Times



House on Genesee on NBC’s 1stLook



House on Genesee on Bravo



House on Genesee on Lucky

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Beyond and Back

Beyond and Back

Simmons and Burke, Deleted # 1and Deleted # 3, 2008 lightjet prints, 27.5 x 20 inches each, edition of 6, courtesy of Michael Kohn Gallery

Brian Bress           Simmons & Burke           Melissa Keller

Tom McCaffrey         Carter Mull                 Chloe Sells

Yasmin Than             Ed Templeton       Rosha Yaghmai

Curated by Price Latimer Agah and Alejandro Artigas

Beyond & Back

Title: Beyond & Back

Photographic work in and around Los Angeles, curated by Price Latimer + Alejandro Artigas

Brian Bress          Carter Mull        Chloe Sells

Ed Templeton    Melissa Keller    Rosha Yaghmai

Simmons & Burke            Thomas McCaffrey          Yasmin Than

Date: 2009-11-12

Start Time: 07:00 End Time: 10:00

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